Scratching and Scratching

Sometimes I get heat rashes, which result in much scratching and scratching, We had been on a lovely 2 week holiday in Sri Lanka. Read more about this beautiful country here:…es-and-surprises/   and…o-heaven-or-hell/

But it is hot and humid there and I developed quite a nasty heat rash, aggravated by my underwear. Thankfully antihistamine cream and pills cleared it up.

Now we were on our way home, but a walk around Galle in 34 degree heat resulted in it flaring up again and now we had to catch 3 flights before we’d be home. I was wearing a black lacy bra. It’s hard to surreptitiously scratch but that was what I was having to do.

Our first flight was from Colombo to Doha. The itch on that flight was driving me nuts. Just before midnight we touched down at Doha, an award-winning airport. A two hour wait lay ahead before we could board our long flight to Johannesburg. I decided to take my bra off. (Luckily I can get away with this!) I stuffed it into my bag. We had to go through customs. I scratched in my bag and fished out my passport. A voice behind me: “Ma’am….ma’am” and a tap on the shoulder. I turned around. He was pointing. And there was my black lacy bra lying on the spotless floor….

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