Perhaps the “ocean” in Oceania, kind of sums up this continent – more ocean than land? What land there is though, has so much to offer. The landscapes take one’s breath away and along with all that natural beauty come the modern cities. 

In this vast region, I have only ever visited Australia and New Zealand – and these were brief trips – so many places still to see…and so little time! How I would love to see the birds of Paradise in Papua New Guinea – dream on Jane….. If I never get to see anything other than these two countries, I’ll still count myself lucky.

Look out for my posts. Meanwhile, here are some pictures.



Moreton island, wrecks at Tangalooma

Whitsunday islands Hill Inlet

Melbourne skyline

New Zealand

Milford Sound, South Island

Mountains above Franz Josef glacier, South Island

Hot springs near Rotarua, North Island

More hot springs – amazing turquoise coloured water, North Island