How could one sum up the diversity that is Europe – a melting pot of cultures? But also, it boasts a huge variety of spectacular landscapes, as well as so much ancient history.

According to my DNA testing through 23andme, I am over 99% European which includes  4% Scandanavian, which was a surprise. When I was 23 and living in the UK, I went on a 9 week camping trip around Europe and later in the year, a 2 week one around Scandanavia. That was a long time ago but I still have vivid memories. Since then I’ve been back to the UK many times (my daughter and twin sister live there) and have had some wonderful experiences. I’ve also visited Norway (in the summer and a winter cruise – see my post on The Northern Lights), Iceland and Malta. Join me on my adventures in future posts. Here are some photos to whet your appetites.


Puffins on Farne islands, Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Cows sussing us out on a walk in the Peak District


Twins discovering their roots in Belfast , Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

The ‘wishing chair’ – maybe?, Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Tower, Northern Ireland


Stunning beaches in Pembrokeshire

Waiting to go out to see puffins at Skomer islands

Picturesque villages everywhere

Wonderful walks along the cliffs near St. David’s

Norway – summer

Our chalet on the Lyse Fjord

Pulpit Rock – we made it to the top!

Pulpit Rock – 602 metres high!

Spectacular fjords

A cruise up Lyse Fjord

Nice fat sheep!


The start of the climb up to “Hattur”, The Hat

In the valley of Thorsmork

Wild Icelandic horses

Kaftkla Waterfall

The Blue Lagoon – hot springs

Norway – winter cruise

Our Hurtigruten cruise ship, the Nordlys (Northern Lights)

Breathtaking scenery heading north up the Norwegian west coast

Snow Hotel, Kirkenes, at the northern most tip of Norway

Colourful town contrasting with the pristine white landscape

Husky sledge ride, Kirkenes

Torghatten mountain


Xewkija Church, Goza island

Ta’ Pinu Basilica in Garb

Dome of Carmelite Church, in the medieval Medina

Valetta, on the mainland of Malta, with it’s very steep and narrow streets